George Beckert

Full-Stack Web Development



Frontend Web Developer

I am currently working as a Web Developer at StageFront Tickets, a ticket brokerage company. My team is working on a new platform with a cutting edge stack (React,Redux,and .NET core). I have already had the opportunity to take charge of large projects and suggest and implement many new technologies at my time at StageFront.


Fullstack Web Developer

Previously I was working as a Software Developer at Sitetracker, a project management company that manages projects for many different clients, such as Verizon and Vodafone. I was the development lead in over 10 of the companies we work with, and have learned how to prioritize their different needs, meet deadlines, and communicate with the people on the team to make sure that goals are reached effectively.


Music Club

New Music friends is a project dedicated to connecting people through music. Chatrooms are created and playlists are formed, with each member of the chat choosing a song to embody while they chat. New music friends was built on MERN stack (Mongodb, Express, React, Node.js), with to handle real time messaging.

Flower Lad

Flower Lad was developed in unity for Game Development I at Stevens. The game is about a small robot listening to poetry and planting flowers. Flower Lad utilizes c# scripts to grow dynamic fields of flowers which are able to interbreed and mutate. It was also used to tell the player nice little poems.

Poetry Bot

The Poetry Bot was created using vanilla javascript and python. Using Markov chains, the bot creates poetry from nearly 9 million lines of poetry, courtesy of Project Gutenberg.

Javascript Garden

The Flower Garden was a project created to experiment with the HTML canvas, and try and make something cool with vanilla tools! You can find the unminified Javascript being used on this page.

My name is George Beckert, I am currently working as a software developer for a ticket brokerage named StageFront Tickets. I develop full stack web apps, with a focus on the front-end. I am the most comfortable with Node.js and React, but I am always pursuing new technologies to become a more well rounded and current developer. When I am not programming I love to play guitar and paint. I strive to surround myself with art and music, and to absorb as much as I can from the people and the world around me. I think of programming as a blank canvas, and the more I learn from other people and other disciplines, the more ideas I am able to implement.